This. All this.

This. All this.

I may hurt like heck. I may struggle to breathe without pain. I may battle sadness in my heart and defeat in my mind.

But God.

But God is my strength. But God is how I’ve come this far. But God is how I’ll take a step farther.

God is my Portion, my Father, my Comfort, my Peace. God is how I face the day, and how I finish it. God is how I share, how I write. God is how I am daughter, sister, mother, wife and friend. God is GOD. He accepts me, loves me, sustains me.

More the anything, when you see me, Friend, I hope you see the Power of Who He Is.

The mercy, forgiveness and love undeserved. The strength and passion to do more than I could accomplish on my own. The grace given and expected of me to extend.

I hope you see God in me.


10 thoughts on “This. All this.

  1. I’m thankful for your transparency. We all have something we struggle with. Some of us many things. But God. He’s everything we need and more. We just have to surrender our pain, hopes, dreams, fears, etc. to Him and know that He can use everything for His glory.

  2. some days, on my most rough days, I just remind myself that “it is well with my soul” and I picture the writer of those words standing on the bow of a ship, passing over the place where all his children drowned,,,if he can rejoice in his salvation, then so can I. Thank you for encouraging me on the day after a really rough day..that it is well with my soul.

    1. Oh Andi, I’m sorry you had a rough day, Sweet Friend. You are so right, what a wonderful, humbling perspective to have on the days we are overcome.

      On my most difficult days, Lord, help me to continue to sing, “It IS well with my soul.” ♥️

  3. Well said honey! I love you and the woman of God you are becoming. I am so thankful and blessed that I get to be a part of this journey. There is no one I would rather dance through life with then you Beautiful. I can’t wait till the weekend. 😘🥰🤗❤️😍💏🤪

  4. Amen my sister. God is always with us and will be there when we call His name. Much love to you.

  5. It’s hard NOT to see God shining through you! Even when you’re hurting you give so much of yourself and I love you for it. ❤

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