Hold Me Up

There are days my arms feel like deadweight. Times when I really need them to work. Times when “success” depends on the cooperation of my arms’ strength.

I find it frustrating that in the moments I need them most, they give out.

There is a lesson somewhere in that statement, isn’t there, Friend? It can be said of our bodies, minds, relationships and so much more.

But what if…

In these same moments of physical weakness, in which I rely on God to work more than myself, I surrender to the help of those who love me?

What if when my body, heart or mind won’t cooperate with my plans, I allowed others to be part of God’s Plan through me?

This isn’t a new idea, I realize that. In fact, this truth has been a reality for thousands of years before me. However, knowing the truth and accepting the truth are two very different things. Sometimes, it takes a bit of time to catch on.

In the Book of Exodus, when the people of Israel are being attacked, Moses commands Joshua to lead an army against their adversaries. Moses will stand at the top of a nearby hill, raising the staff of God as battle occurs. As long as Moses does so, the Israelites succeed. But Moses’ arms become weary, unable to hold up his staff, giving strength to the enemy.

Guess what happens next!

Aaron and Hur, Moses’ brother and companion, hold up Moses’ arms for him! They find a stone for Moses to sit on while they help raise the staff of God with Moses. Aaron and Hur don’t remove the staff from Moses’ hands, trying to defeat the enemy themselves. Instead, they support God’s Plan through Moses. Because of their selfless act in supporting a brother and friend, the enemy is defeated.

This scripture serves as a reminder of the blessing in Godly companionships. It also serves as prompting for us to find those companions, to align ourselves with them. To share God’s Plan with them, inviting them to be part of it. To humble ourselves when we are weary and accept their support.

I hope you have family and friends like Aaron and Hur. People who love you enough to lift your arms when they are weak. People who care more about honoring God than being a hero, or claiming credit.

To my loved ones raising my arms, thank you. I cannot imagine trying to follow God’s Plan for my life without you. I certainly wouldn’t be very strong against my enemies.

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