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Good or God?

From YouVersion’s “Awakening: 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting“ study plan:

“Jesus knew that with so much need everywhere, He had to hear the voice of His Father, or He would have mistakenly chosen what’s good instead of what’s God.”

Wow. Did anyone else feel a hand to the forehead on that? Sheesh!

My life is full, overflowing in fact, with “good things”. I am fortunate to serve in ministry as my full-time occupation. I am surrounded by a growing body of believers, all with ideas, needs and gifts to share. I see, hear and feel opportunities to serve others all day long. Truly, my mind does not rest from this. (I attribute it to being “too sensitive” and life experience.)

All of these things, especially ways to show love to others, are good things. Many, many times, they are great things, with hints of Jesus’ love felt by each of us. It is good to see Jesus at work through people and affirming of the power in His Love.

The biggest challenge for me is to sit and be still, purposefully dialing my mind into God first. Not for the purpose of doing, or serving, or a hundred other things on my mind, but simply being with Him.

When asked how I “do it all”, I quickly respond with, “it’s all God because I have absolutely no clue.” (For my critics, there is zero boasting about Laura in that, there IS full-on, honest boasting in the Holy Spirit!)

Seriously Friends, there are nights I sit down and reflect on what the day held and think, “How did we even do that, Jesus??” The strength and endurance of God in our lives is beyond comprehension, Y’all. Do yourself a favor and ask for some.

So, with all of these good things, how do I decide what are GOD things?

I’ll be honest, there are more times than I care to admit in which I dive into doing instead of being still and seeking His Direction first. My tendency is to “get it done”.

Anyone else struggle with this?

It’s not a bad thing to “get it done”. It’s often a good thing, hopefully a need being met, that draws my attention. It is never in doing these things that I find regret. The regret is in not asking God if they are mine to do, coordinate others to do, or simply spend time praying over. When I don’t hit the pause button and go to God first, versus grasping every opportunity that comes my way as an assignment for myself, regret slowly seeps in. Not regret that I did a good thing, but regret I didn’t talk with my Heavenly Father about the need first. (Let’s not forget how regret, in ANY form, becomes a silent poison, stealing true blessing from all of us.)

Here’s the thing, what this truly boils down to, Folks…

I don’t want me doing GOOD things to rob someone else from doing their GOD things.

And how can I possibly discern whether something is a GOD THING, mine or someone else’s, if I don’t check with Him first?

Short answer: I can’t.

(Yes, I know, foolish girl…how quickly my hurried, human mind can take me around my backside to get to my elbow!)

So today, I’m going to do that. Work against my default to “do” good things and instead, be still, ask and wait to do God things.


2 thoughts on “Good or God?

  1. That was Indeed a hand to the forehead. It is sometimes hard to stop and listen first. I like doing for others. It may not be easy to see that I’m stealing someone else’s opportunity to receive joy from serving.

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