Years ago, while walking through a devastating time, I had fallen asleep while praying in desperation. I laid in bed, tears flowing until no more came. I was completely drained physically, unable to move, fully surrendered to God. I was crying out for His Comfort and slowly lulled to sleep.

The next morning, as I began to wake, I found my arms wrapped around the front of my chest, as if I were being held in an embrace.

It was, by far, the most comforting, peaceful moment I had experienced.

I immediately felt Jesus holding me, as if He had enveloped my body the night before while tears fell, holding me as I slept throughout the night. He never let go. It was incredible.

Since that morning, there have been a few I have awoken to the same. While I haven’t necessarily fallen asleep in tears, with each occurrence, my heart was burdened by a hurtful word, disappointment or sadness.

This morning, I awoke to another gift of His Embrace. If you haven’t yet experienced this, suffice it to say, you hesitate to move, much less let go. I could, quite honestly, remain there all day. Just me, being held by Jesus. All of my struggle, sadness, and yearning, no longer important, no longer present. Just me and Jesus, where everything else disappears.

Just me and Jesus, with Heaven wrapped around me.

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