Christ · encouragement · Father · God · hope


“I am not made to be a victim of my poor choices. I was made to be a victorious child of God.” Lesa TerKeurst, Embraced

How about THAT to begin your day?

Heavenly Father,

Guide me in the decisions on my heart, including which voices to follow. Help me to be still and seek You. Share Your great wisdom in my waiting, God. Help me to discern Your direction for my mind to go. Thank You for protecting me from destruction in the choices lying before me. Thank You for placing guardrails in my life so that I find my way back to You when I choose unwisely, Father. Thank You for the endless love in those boundaries.

Please help my thoughts to pace alongside Yours, Jesus. Do not allow me to race through every possible scenario, especially because I cannot foresee, nor comprehend, Your full and complete scenario for my situations. I am centering my spirit on You, Lord. May I focus all I decide and do today on Your Will and Merciful Love for me.


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