From Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence devotional by Sarah Young.
“Learn to live from your true Center in Me. I reside in the deepest depths of your being, in eternal union with your spirit. It is at this deep level that My Peace reigns continually. You will not find lasting peace in the world around you, in circumstances, or in human relationships. The external world is always in flux – under the curse of death and decay. But there is a gold mine of Peace deep within you, waiting to be tapped. Take time to delve into the riches of My residing Presence. I want you to live increasingly from your teal Center, where My Love has an eternal grip on you. I am Christ in you, the hope of Glory.

Isn’t it just amazing how God can speak the most perfect words into your life? Last night, I went to sleep crying out to God about worldly stresses. I asked Him to protect me, keep me close as all these things are coming at me. Between physically not feeling 100% (or even 75-80?), letters in mailbox I’d rather not see, wanting to do everything I “need to” well, and plain old tiredness, I knew I needed to rely more heavily on My Father.
And right on request, here He is again. He reminds me to center my life, my days & nights, my work & play, my relationships & myself IN HIM. Isn’t my God wonderful? 🙂

Lord, help me today to feel Your Presence with me in all I see, do and feel. Lord, please give me Your Peace in a world that is rarely peaceful. Center me in You. Center Yourself in me. I surrender this day, in this moment, to You being my compass. I thank you for never letting go, and always providing what I need, never allowing me to stray too far from You. In You, I am restored. Amen.

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