Givers & Takers

A few years ago, my Mom had a great conversation with us I hope to never forget. She said, “The givers should be with the givers, and the takers should be with the takers. That way, the takers will learn how to give, and the givers will learn how to take, Laura.” Amen, Mom! Thank you for always trying to guard my heart, no matter how old I am.

I must remember these words, surrender to, and pray for God’s will in some “takers” lives, and greater wisdom in my own. I must let go and allow God to work without me always getting in His Way.

People can’t regularly give until they are depleted, it does not benefit anyone, even those who, for whatever reason, may need to “take” for awhile. We can’t maintain healthy minds, bodies and spirits in serving others if we don’t trust God to help find balance and release. I know for me personally, if I don’t find that peace, it’s way too easy to see passed the needs of others, not truly valuing them, and in turn, fall into “taker mode” myself, even if subconsciously.

In this world of so many broken, angry, hurting, “I can do it myself” people, it’s definitely much easier to be a “taker” than a “giver”!! (I’ve definitely taken way more than my fair share in my almost 40 years, I’m sorry and ashamed to admit.)

But when I decided to follow the model Christ gives in loving others, which is so NOT easy, I must regularly strive to be a better, healthier “giver” a little more everyday. And in the times I “take”, whether willfully or unknowingly, I ask you forgive me and allow me to give again.

Boy am I glad God has this whole “Givers and Takers” thing covered, and thankful He shared those words with my Mom. Yet again, she is right. 🙂

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