There are moments when we (ok, I) feel so weakened that all I want to do is nothing. In those times, I am glad God created us to breathe without consciously thinking about it because I am certain it would slip my mind, in fact.
Sunday morning, a friend and I were sharing about how life’s struggles impact us, how they are devastating and can cripple you. But more importantly, we spoke on how we are thankful for those same challenges.

“Why? Are you crazy, Laura?” (You may, and should, be asking!)
Here’s why…
I told my friend Dan that I have felt the Presence of God and I wouldn’t change that for all I’ve known before the challenges came upon me.
It is so often our darkest seasons in life here on Earth that determine our path. When we come to those forks, where faith versus fall lie ahead, our step towards either sets the tone for not only the rest of our lives, but the very next minute.
I have stepped towards, and walked down, both sides of the forks in my roads. In my younger years, I had fallen further – away from God, real love and valuing myself as He wants. I praise God that in my more recent years, I purposely chose to walk in faith instead – towards grace, mercy and love I had never known. Love I couldn’t find in a person (yes, I tried). Love I couldn’t find in things (yep, tried that too!) Love I couldn’t find in controlling life’s daily To Do List (yes, did that one as well).
I found the love that has been the only One to fill the hole I repeatedly tried to on my own, in my marriages, through motherhood and friendship. The love of Jesus Christ.
Today, as I look around and see so many struggles, whether for individual people or nations, I am reminded of where, or Whom, we must draw our strength from. We are weak on our own, folks. The sooner we acknowledge that reality, ironically, the easier our walk becomes.
God is the source of my strength. He supplies the energy I have to continue on. He lifts me up, He walks alongside me and turns my weakness into strength.
Boy am I glad!

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