Thank You

I’ve been surrounded by an incredible group of friends helping me through the most confusing season of my life thus far.  This love is difficult to comprehend, much less find the perfect words to acknowledge; however, once in awhile, we all need to let people know how much they’ve touched our hearts…tonight is one of those times.

A few of my “most-trusted” have become family along the way, providing steadfast love through this unexpected mini-lifetime of change.  I can’t possibly express my gratitude for your unyielding patience, support and kindness as I attempted to navigate the waters changing from calm stillness to drowning waves in fractions of a moment.  I know this hasn’t been an easy season for you either, feeling both your own loss and witnessing mine.  (Keeping my head above the waterline has not been pretty, nor a job for the faint-of-heart, I know!)  I hope you know God chose you to be in my life at this time, and you have gone above and beyond.

I can’t imagine staying afloat without your perfectly-timed reminders of God’s Love and future plans for me. Sometimes, I just need someone I trust wholeheartedly to say, “It’s going to be ok”…even two-and-a-half years later as more life changes roll in, ones I didn’t foresee facing on my own.

Thank you to some of the greatest people a girl could ever hope to have in her life, through both the amazing and difficult times.  I’m blessed to have seen the beauty in both with you alongside me,  I sure do love you all.

Forever thankful, laura

Special acknowledgement page: Chris Mattix, the Madden family (Kent, Virginia, Michaela and Austin “Buddy”), Greg Rakes and the amazing people who’ve shared everyday life with me at New Community Church over the past two years. 10363759_10204559865940575_6846454504007800642_n 10505592_10207440800962150_1160100598160473668_n 11742754_10207082363281432_5083842674712943791_n

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