Not too many years ago, I wasn’t sure where we’d be – the “kids” and I. I wasn’t sure I could do this on my own, wasn’t sure I’d be strong enough to continue raising my two sons, and loving two young adults whom I came to love more than I had planned. I was worried what we saw, felt and lived would hurt the kids deeper than what I could give them. I wondered who they would become on the “other side” of such loss, confusion and grief.
Tonight, as I look through the memories of our children these past three and a half years, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for who they have become. The tears flow with unyielding thankfulness for God never forsaking us, carrying us through shadows of death and lifting us to streams of light. For making sure I didn’t have to do this “all on my own”. For surrounding my family with loved ones who walked beside us, sang worship over us, prayed for us, and celebrated life’s gifts with us. For taking the children He blessed my life with and helping them shine in spite of the unexpected darkness they walked through.  

I am blown away this evening. I am resting in His Arms, knowing our Heavenly Father will continue to be with our children, with God Himself filling the voids and heartaches they will experience. And I am humbled He loved me enough to receive the indescribable gift of being in their lives…one I certainly did nothing to earn the rewards of.
I love you, Cody, Logan, Morgan and Tyler. I will always love you, Richard, and thank you for sharing your joys with me. And tonight, as another chapter closes with Logan’s senior year milestones passing before me, I look forward to this season of watching my favorite young adults become even more incredible alongside my sweet husband, Solomon. 

Wow. What a life I’ve lived.  

“Thankful” just doesn’t cut it. ❤️ 

I am forgiven, at the foot of the Cross.

I am accepted, by the power of Your Love.

My every stain, is washed away…

I am forgiven. 

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