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Stack Your Team

“I’m tired of being a synergist!” (Ever said, or thought, that?)

Caring too much is a very real thing, folks.

Wanting everyone to get along & please them is exhausting (and oh yeah, impossible!)

Continuously explaining things to people who don’t “get it” is a crazy waste of energy. C.R.A.Z.Y.
Not to mention trying to “include everyone” in ALLLLL the things…umm, no.
Everyone knows people-pleasing isn’t healthy, but it’s hard for some to change how we’re hard-wired, compounded by what we’d learned during our childhoods.
It’s not always easy to decide who should have the greatest influence on our time, energy and resources. Sometimes, the relationships we desire the most connection in are those we need to release most. (I know, THAT STINKS!)
Do yourself a favor, stack your team with encouragers..you really are worth it! That way, His Light will reflect through you into those you’re truly meant to.
Thanks, Dr. Cloud. ☀️



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