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Time Savers

Hey All!

Time to re-start and share the great stuff of life again…

I, being our family’s “camp coordinator”, am into planning the little, everyday things I can.  Over the years, life has been kind enough (sarcasm) to reveal there are very few big things I truly control; ergo, I focus on the smaller, everyday, thieves of time (typically more manageable) trying very hard to leave the bigger things to God. (He is far more successful at weaving them together for good than I could ever be.)

That all being said, I regularly resist falling prey to micro-management at a level in which I’d, ironically, WASTE LIFE PLANNING IT ALL OUT (know someone like this?)

I have, however, found a little planning goes a long way in seizing life’s little opportunities to ENJOY IT! 😊

Here are some great sites & apps I use for once-a-week meal-planning, grocery lists, coupons and shopping.  Just in case you’re interested. 

Gee, saving time, energy AND money… who would want that?  Enjoy, friends! 





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