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I am..


I am not afraid.

I am not beating myself up.

I am not solving every problem.

I am doing what I can to help others.

I am content in believing GOD IS USING ME.

I am Solomon’s wife.

I am mother to our kids.

I am the oldest sister.

I am my parents’ daughter.

I am aunt to young hearts.

I am a reflection of Christ.

I am a leader.

I am a creator.

I am watching for Him.

I am worshiping.

I am weak, yet strong.

I am foolish, yet wiser.

I am beautiful.

I am determined.

I am responsible.

I am walking in faith.

I am stumbling.

I am persevering.

I am thirsty for Living Water.

I am content.

I am uncertainly sure.

I am hungry for connection.

I am simply complicated.

I am a messy contradiction.

I am His.

…I am loved.

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