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“I know I should spend more time in prayer, but…”

“I’m just so busy, I don’t have time to open my Bible like I want…”

“I planned on being at church, but I just needed time to rest…”

“I don’t know how you have time for a devotional, I’m maxed out…”

“I guess since you work in a church, you have plenty of time to spend in the Bible…”

People, our TIME, this life, is so precious.  It’s restricted.  It’s fleeting.  It’s crunched.  It’s hurried.  It’s in short supply.  It’s valuable.  It’s “but a vapor” (James 4:13).  And it’s flying right passed us, with no signs of slowing.

No matter our determined attempts to maximize days, streamline schedules, or knockout “To Do” lists…we never seem to have enough time.

Why do so many of us believe we need more time to spend any with God?

He created time.  He created us.  He knows how much time we have.  He knows how much time we need.  Of course, He also knows how we choose to spend it.

Perhaps, we need more discipline and not additional time?  Stop blaming “time” for our choices.  Stop making excuses for our conditions.  Stop abandoning the fulfillment (scripture, prayer, worship) providing us with more everything – peace, joy, rest, understanding, comfort and contentment – in search of empty busyness.

No one has “more time” than you, or I, do.  No one’s position, role, duties, nor job gives them more or less time with God.  He is right here, waiting on us.  He isn’t too busy for us.  He hasn’t taken a break, vacation or slept in.  He has given us plenty of time, every single day.

Renew your mind, heart and soul by loving Him.  Fix your eyes on Him.  Once you spend a little time with Him, you’ll find yourself craving more.  (Yes, He’s that good!)

In 2017, that may sound like another thing we’ll need to “make time” for, but instead, how about we leave it to the One who created everything?  He, ultimately, has all the time in the world.

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