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Thank GOD

I did so well earlier, no tears cried today throughout our son’s much-anticipated graduation and celebration, surrounded by family and friends. This evening however, as I quietly think about our incredible children, woo-boy…all the feelings rise to the surface. I am beyond humbled, grateful and honored. I am, quite honestly, amazed.

Our children are some of the kindest, well-grounded, driven, loving people I’ve known. They’re not perfect, but they are somehow mine and yes, I am very proud of them.

Seeing the successes of our son (my oldest) come to fruition, particularly over the past few years, to include marrying a wonderful young woman standing proudly by his side, I thanked GOD.

Watching our beautiful girl, beaming thankfulness for family moments such as these, with her compassionate, perfect-for-our -crazy-family, husband standing nearby, I thanked GOD.

Considering how fiercely our youngest son has worked for what he believes to be his calling, taking great leaps towards it tomorrow morning, I thanked GOD.

Thinking about how often our son (Richard’s oldest) has overcome life’s challenges and bounced back stronger than even he knows, I thanked GOD.

Standing back, taking in our family’s joy today – from my “ex” in-laws, to my mother, siblings, children (including one semi-adopted plus his glowing wife!), and new husband, I thanked GOD.

There were countless times I was terrified I’d messed up too badly, or couldn’t provide what our children needed and deserved. More nights than I care to admit I’d cry over “milk” than had been spilled. More moments, and sometimes seasons, I battled not to believe the devil’s lies, preying on my inadequacies as a mother and stepmom.

But when I fully surrendered our children to Him, trusting His Provision, Protection and Guidance for them…fully knowing I was inadequate, yet believing He isn’t…I thanked GOD.

Tonight, when I look ahead with wonder of what lies on the path before each of our loved ones, know what I’ll do?


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