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You’re Goin’ Down!

The solution (to fighting fear) is not more determination. The solution is faith.

Louie Giglio


1. Stop. Don’t listen to the giants, no matter how loudly they yell, or covertly they whisper. Say it with me (yes, even you super polite people)…”SHUT UP, Giant.”

2. Out loud, speak over the fear. (C’mon introverts, you too!) “JESUS is bigger. He won. He won for me. JESUS wins. Take that!” And yes, while doing this in the grocery store isn’t expected, it is liberating!

3. Read. Open the Bible. If the version you have is too difficult to understand, no excuses! Every possibility is available on your phone. OPEN IT. Put down the remote, turn off the radio, hide in the closet – I don’t care – do it. Fuel up!

Faith takes work and surrender. It’s not easy, or a dunk & go thing. But accept it, live in it, speak it, feed it, do the work and FAITH IN GOD is the weapon by which we slay giants.

God can do this, He does all the time.

You’re goin’ down, Fear.

#aberryrichlife #GoliathMustFall

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