“Quiet time is not an excuse for the lazy but a wise investment for the diligent. It is for those who are committed to being active servants and followers of Jesus Christ instead of slaves to the tyranny of urgent busyness and activity.”

(excerpt from Priscilla Shirer’s “Awaken”)

You are allowed time to be quiet, to withdraw from all that clamors for your attention. Whether it be work, your phone, household chores, church responsibilities, or yes, even healthy relationships…each require something.

Recognize that truth. When kept in a healthy rhythm, it’s a gift to feel needed, to be a part of things happening. Being involved in activities and relationships makes us feel alive! In fact, we often say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” (Confession: I said it yesterday!)

We worry we’ll forget something, hurt someone or worse yet, waste life.

But Friend, even Jesus rested.

You know Jesus, the Son of God, the One Who performed miracles in His earthly days. Jesus was followed continuously, and not just by twelve random guys! Thousands – read that again – THOUSANDS of people sought Jesus. Thousands needed Jesus, millions still do. And yet, He tells us to rest.

He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.” Mark 6:31

I’ll be the first to admit, I struggle with regularly withdrawing and resting. I’m honestly convinced it’s not in my family’s DNA. Add to the learned behaviors (and genetics) of live-fiercely parents, an unexpected loss of a spouse in my 30s…and the result – I live, breathe and sleep like every minute of every day is precious. (It is!)

Left to my defaults, I spend my minutes in busy-bee mode according to a calendar buzzing with activity. I don’t want to miss a thing, and thankfully, most of my “things” are positive, healthy and good! (“Missing opportunities” is now a fear of mine, dictating my speed of life if left unchecked.)

But each day, from the moment I open my eyes, I feel God tugging at me. He isn’t calling me back to sleep (though sometimes, He is!), but rather, He is inviting me to rest with Him.

Before I begin my day, tackle that To Do List, coordinate all the needs…God Himself asks me to sit with Him, to share my thoughts, to be equipped by His Power, to listen for His Voice. That blows my mind. God calling me.

He’s calling you, too.

I know you feel it. It’s that tug to rest. That ache to be still without a phone in your hand. That desire to sit outside and breathe in the wonder of creation.

Go there, Friend. The minutes are worth it, the peace is invaluable and the rest is divine.

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