I am

I’ve been thinking about the struggle Christ followers have in figuring out how we “share our faith”. In conversation, friends have expressed a feeling of inadequacy, awkwardness and frustration as they want to tell people about Jesus, but “don’t know how.”

As I read God’s Word this morning, this came to me…

Laura, when you have a relationship with someone – parent, sibling, spouse, child or friend – you talk about them. You think about them frequently and they’re naturally part of your conversations.

So, if we have a relationship with Jesus, how difficult should it be to talk about Him?

It’s not, honestly.

If He is Who we say He is – giver of acceptance, grace, love, strength, peace, shelter, comfort, forgiveness, protection, love, guidance, etc – why would it be so difficult to speak of God? (Kinda silly when you think about it!)

Seems it’s something about us, not Jesus, that complicates the conversation?

So, try it! Just for today, perhaps practice in the conversation of a trusted friend, one who has life-changing encounters with Jesus as well?

You don’t have to be a pastor, prophet, or Sunday school teacher. You personally know Jesus, that qualifies you to speak of Him.

Things to consider as we grow in this, Friends:

1. Who do you say He is?

2. For a moment, consider life without Christ. What would it look like (for many of us, what has it looked like)?

3. Consider how Jesus changed you. No, really changed you. All the not-so-pretty, honest things you previously thought, said or acted on. The “defaults” in life you still struggle to work against?

Admitting the shame and guilt of your past makes the grace of your present so much sweeter.

4. Who is someone you feel comfortable with, understood by, when you refer to God? Ask them to help you feel more confident and qualified to share with others.

Note: I am not suggesting you repel others, or become one of us “Jesus freaks” (yes, I’ve been called this – oh shucks!) Talking about God doesn’t require a three-hour narrative, ten-page paper or lengthy testimony. Using churchy language, repeatedly quoting scripture, or providing Greek or Latin translations isn’t what reflects Christ in your story. Just share Who He is. Don’t permit fear to keep you from talking about Jesus…the same way you do of any other sweet friend.


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