I sat here, reading through Scripture and devotionals, with a question burning in my mind – “What do YOU want me to do, Lord? There are so many hurting…”

Closing my eyes to pray and ask that question, HE gently whispered over me.

Simply do what I place before you, don’t worry that it won’t be enough.

And just like that, within moments of asking my God, He answers.

What do you need to ask Him today, Friend? Don’t be afraid to. Don’t think your questions are too small, too trivial, too selfish, or too big. God knows them already. He can handle them. He is waiting for you to ask. He already has the answers.

Guide me today, Lord Jesus, to recognize what You place before me, to show value to all Your Creation. Help me to know Your priority for this day. Show me who You want me to see. Provide a way, Lord. Use me for Your Glory, Jesus. amen


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