Unimaginably Better

So often we hear complaints about spouses saying, “He/She isn’t the person I married.”

Friend, if I may call you that, I know everyone isn’t content in their relationships. I’m aware of many who ache for happiness found in Godly marriage. I acknowledge there are difficult moments, days and seasons none of us feel our spouses are “who” they were when we married them. My intention isn’t to disregard those realities, I promise. I have experienced each of those feelings and am familiar with the pain each bring.


Marriage is hard work. The ups, downs, and valleys in between are no bed of roses to endure. Their are seasons of being lost, and moments of being found.

We should speak more life, gratitude and thankfulness into marriage.

When things are going well. When couples strive to begin, either from the altar or the new day’s sunrise, with Christ as the foundation. When husband and wife pray for, and with, one another. When we battle hard as a team to fight-off the devil’s attacks. When careers, calendars and children’s needs drain every ounce of energy, thought and time.

We should celebrate and be thankful.

Marriage is still good. And if we, as spouses, aren’t “the person he/she married”…is that inherently bad? I’d argue a firm “no”.

Life changes us. Marriage changes us. The same way we are different at age twenty-five than we were at twenty, Lord willing for the better.

So, this morning in support of marriage, I can joyfully say,

“Solomon Berry isn’t the man I married, he is unimaginably better.”

…and I am grateful God made me his wife.


2 thoughts on “Unimaginably Better

  1. I love my wife! And I thank God for her everyday. I am in constant prayer for her and our marriage, praying that we can stay focused on God’s will and not ours. I think that every disagreement we have had has only strengthen our marriage and made each of us a stronger and better child of The One True King.

  2. I have had the pleasure of being married for 32 years. We have been together for 34 years. Through 20+years of Military life(many 7-9 month deployments). We have encountered the devils handiwork up close and personal. We spent many of these years without God being a part of our journey. The one thing I have stood firm on is that marriage is the hardest job one will ever be a part of, however each chapter has its rewards and challenges. We have grown together and have allowed God to be a part of our lives. We now await for what the next chapter holds for us as a couple.

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