Tone It Down?

Has anyone have told you to “tone it down” when you are worshipping through song?

Not cool, Haters. Just so not cool.

I am an expressive person by nature. Let’s all thank my full-of-life, passionate, Irish-Scottish-German Mom for that gift.

When I talk, I use my hands, google my eyes, occasionally spring out of step. When I write, I sit here excited, scribbling or typing as fast as my digits will move.

When I worship Jesus Christ, my SAVIOR, you can bet your breakfast, lunch and dinner I will sing with emotion, tears, joy, a hand (or two) raised and my heart wide open. I cannot fathom singing lyrics about my faith and all GOD has done for me, without feeling.

I will not apologize, nor “tone it down”, to make another human being comfortable.

My worship of God is FOR God.

You don’t have to worship as I do. (Though it is totally freeing, You Guys!) Every, single person holds the incredible opportunity to worship God as they feel drawn to Him.

I don’t expect you to be me. I don’t want you to be me. I mean, two Laura Eileen Stockdale Berrys in the world? First, what’re the chances of that? And second, we’d definitely need some “toning down”!

God knows me, He created me – expression, emotion and all. After decades of holding back my passion for worship through song, I fully intend to honor who He made me to be for the rest of my life, both here and in Heaven.

So umm, naysayers…don’t you dare tell anyone not to express themselves in worship. If someone needs “toning down”, I have full confidence God can handle the “truth in love” you believe you’re imparting. (Psst, it’s not…stop listening to Satan, he’s using you.)

And to my fellow music-praising, full expression, brothers- and sisters-in-Christ…don’t you dare “tone it down”, stop tears from flowing, quit dancing, lower your hands, or restrain your heart. God knows it. He sees it. He loves it. (And whether or not they’ll admit it, most naysayers come to a point in which they wish they “had done it a long time ago”.)

Worship on, Friend!

Oh the cross of Jesus Christ, is the reason I’m alive. For His love has set me free, it’ll never lose its power in me!

Go ahead, click the link, trust me…

Mighty Cross

2 thoughts on “Tone It Down?

  1. I get so excited during corporate worship that I am “toned down” when others think I’m too active. I once heard worship compared to watching a football game. During a football game, we wonder why people are sitting still and not shouting and standing up clapping. Why should we be any less excited to be in the presence of God singing His praises?

    I love this blog!

    1. Amen, Louise! We shout, dance & sing at things of much less worth. I am full-throttle for Jesus. And I worship the same way everywhere I am – no matter if home, car, church, community. Authentic is what HE wants, and what His Kingdom needs.

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