Losses and Wins

Great losses change us, molding us into someone whom we wouldn’t have otherwise known, or recognized, before.

For many…we become more passionate, more sensitive, more aware of the fragility of life than we had previously understood.

The full intensity in which we desire to live since devastating loss is both life-sustaining and fear-driven, all within the same breath.

Life is hard, I know.

But it is also beautiful, Friend.

Some of my most life-altering moments came through the deepest losses, battling hard – really, really hard – to “make it all count”. Yes, Sweet Sufferer, there is profound sadness, during and long after. Fear, anger, determination, and yes, horrible confusion campout closely nearby.

But I promise, gratitude lives there as well. Love, light, and beautiful moments are there, right alongside the most difficult.

HOPE is there.

Though we walk through valleys of sorrow, death and grief…we also stand on mountains in faith, grace and heaven’s light.

Grief hurts like nothing else, it just plain…stinks.

And yet, I wouldn’t trade the heavenly perspective I’ve gained for anything. It makes life here far more beautiful, precious and valuable.

Cancer doesn’t win. Pulmonary fibrosis doesn’t win. Suicide doesn’t win. Battens Disease doesn’t win. Regret doesn’t win.

But love…

Love always, always wins.


One thought on “Losses and Wins

  1. You’re right. Every event whether it’s good, bad or somewhere in between changes us. We get to decide whether it will make us thankful or bitter. Look for the good things. Maybe it’s a friend who reached out to you or the look on someone’s face when you helped them. There is always, always a bright side if you look for it.

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