Wednesday review, Laura-style:

4:22am Wake up (WHAT?!? I don’t “do” pre-7am, this will be the longest day in recent history.)

7:00am Coffee, Bible study and devotional time

7:50am Be in office early, allowing some quiet time for adjustment into a new day’s needs, tasks and activities

8:20am Realize I should’ve gone to office when I woke up (4:22am) to accomplish 1st goal! Ha-Ha!

8:20am-2:00pm Do ALL the things from being out of office for a few days, see folks I’d missed lately, turn my office into a cave because I’m roughly 417% sure I’m allergic to both fluorescents and heat. (I’m a “fluffy” headache magnet. Pansy? Ok, I’m alright with that…stop judging!)

2:00pm Sit in office – oblivious to anything other than the salad Logan brought me (thank you, Son!)

2:30pm Wonder when was the last time I had used the restroom?

2:45pm Restroom break.

(Incidentally, when you walk to the other building (empty), is it frowned-upon to leave the bathroom stall unlocked, pretending the toilet is your new desk chair because the air-conditioning is SO MUCH BETTER in there?!?)

3:00pm ’til…Do more stuff. Pray for people. Encourage a fellow Momma-friend. Cull through desk pandemonium in which I’ve lost my pen. Listen to my worship “BFF” & son work on this Sunday’s music.

Be thankful for God’s faithfulness.

6pm Purge leftovers in the fridge. Clean half bathroom. Solve world peace, for our cats.

7pm Eat another salad (though I craved a cookie) during a mini-dinner date with my sweet husband. Laugh a little bit. Talk ministry because I’m convinced neither of us can help ourselves.

9pm until now (11:33pm) Sit with two icy, gel packs on my head…still craving that wicked, wicked cookie. Anybody got a lemon drop cookie? I’ll trade ya for a…salad.

Remember goals aren’t bad, but relationships are always best.

Enjoy life! Night, You Guys!

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