Take me where I should be today, God. Place Your actions higher on my To Do List than those I have prioritized. Place the people’s names on my heart I should reach out to, Jesus. Only You can fully know who they are and the trials they’re enduring. Choose my words to meet their struggle. Show me the promise of Your Glory, God. Bring Heaven here on earth, in ways I have not yet seen. Guide my thoughts and words throughout this day without worry of yesterday or tomorrow. Help me be fully present in You. Amen

It’s Monday, You Guys. Time for some to slay a dragon. Time for some to be refreshed. Time for all of us to put on the armor of God and seek Him out. He’s already steps ahead of us, let’s walk in His footsteps. And if you find puddles in them because the storms are heavy, jump and splash in them while you’re there, He delights in our joy!

Blessings, Friends.


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