“How are You today?”

Having a relationship with my Heavenly Dad, speaking with Him is truly the first thing I think of when I’m waking up. It wasn’t always, but it became my lifeline a handful of years ago. (One of the unforeseen gifts I’d received through loss.)

I actually don’t get out of bed before I begin talking to Him. I’ve learned the distractions waiting for me just outside the covers are far too many to face on my own. Lifting names of people on my heart reminds my troubled mind that God has them and knows their true, eternal needs. Asking Jesus to help me feel His Constant Presence throughout my day grounds me, reducing worry or stress I’m feeling.

And in beginning my days quietly talking with Him, my priorities for the day ahead – actually HIS Priorities for me – become clearer and much more purposeful.

There are mornings I wrap my arms tightly around my chest, seeking a hug from Him. (Something I did in the immediate sting of becoming a widow, when the loneliness of empty arms physically hurt.) There are moments I lie in bed, tears quietly crawling down my face, knowing He is lying right there with me, no words needed when they won’t come to my lips. And then, there are mornings like today’s. Ones I’d love to hear His Voice answer audibly, kind of like a treasured phone call with a friend. Not due to pain, desperation or heartache, but simply because when I ask, “How are You?”, it’d be incredibly awesome to hear Him Answer. Just to hear His Voice, that of the “most bestest” Friend I know. ❤️


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