real love is so much BETTER than grey

Last night, a friend of mine brought up how sickened she is about the highly-sensationalized 50 Shades of Grey movie opening and how it contributes to normalizing unhealthy relationships. We spoke on the lack of maturity, responsibility and awareness in those who create, promote and support this level of disrespect for love among us. We shared how difficult it can be to speak with young men and women on these types of things, who are “just reading a book or watching a movie”. Younger, beautiful women who deserve to be respected, loved and HONORED from Day 1 in a relationship. Young ladies who will become amazing women in this world – in workplaces, homes and families – serving others incredibly.
My friend’s heart is so heavily burdened by this movie’s release, and its impact on our society, and yet she doesn’t know “how to talk to these girls about it, they don’t want to hear it”. It is certainly tough! We don’t want to push away those we care so much for in an effort to show that concern. It’s such a tightrope for those of us who see the added hardship our younger generations are facing! (Who, believe it or not, have faced our own hardships and fallen prey to some we would do anything to change if time could rewind.)
But this is where it starts, my dear friend, from your heart of LOVE for our young people whom you want better for, whom we pray for better relationships than this world says are good. As the mother of sons, I want them to value the women they “do life with” – whether wife, coworker, daughter, friend, sister, neighbor or boss. Men are called to be the spiritual leaders, particularly in families, and I have not only seen, but LIVED, the difference in a Christ-centered family, workplace and circle of friends. Being blessed with a (step)daughter, and soon to be daughter-in-law, I want young women to feel a commitment of HONOR, RESPECT, LOVE, VALUE and ADMIRATION. I want “my girls” to find their worth in who God says they are, and be supported and cherished by the men who love them. I was behind the curve in being a strong Christ-centered wife and mother for so long, and now, there are days I feel like I’m trying to make up for all the missed opportunities I’m guilty of passing by.
So today, I’m not missing the opportunity to say – Because of God’s Immeasurable Love for YOU, Ladies, do NOT support this movie or book, please. And to you Gentlemen, do NOT buy the book/DVD for the girl you love. I know, I know, “It’s just a movie – don’t be a Jesus-freak, Miss Laura”.
Here’s the deal – if MY generation had refused to support some of the “just a movie” or “just a book” stuff we somehow accepted as entertainment, you all probably wouldn’t have to refuse this stuff now. I’m sorry I didn’t wake up to that responsibility sooner. I wish I had…I sooooo wish I had.
(Note: If you want to have coffee/tea/lemonade over this, and feel encouraged to find your worth where it TRULY comes from, I’m more than happy to spend time with you!) heart emoticon

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