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Breadcrumbs and Ice Storms

Yes, I will admit it. I am respectfully fearful of birds. There you go, a confession.

To answer your “Why?”…because, quite honestly, the thought of a beak poking me in the face as wings flap against the side of my head seems like the ultimate form of torture. (Yes, I saw parts of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” movie as a child. Don’t tell me movies don’t impact us!)

Anyway, as I watched these little hippity-hoppity creatures clamoring for food in our ice-covered corner of the world, I instantly felt badly, “Oh no, I forgot to pick-up birdseed!!” (I know, I know already, I don’t make any sense. It’s ok, I’m sure you don’t in some little quirky way either, and yet, I still love you.)

Here’s the thing – While I don’t want to suffer the paralyzing terror I have (yes, real-life encounter with ostriches), there’s a sense of peace that comes in feeding God’s little feathered-friends in the winter.

So, here I am…crushing crackers, mixing them with sunflower seeds and bread crumbs, in an effort to show love to these less-intimidating little creatures. Not because I have any doubt God will provide for them, but because in my experience, a simple breadcrumb in an ice storm, from the most unexpected of hands, can symbolize the greatest of hope.

And with that, I think I’ll go “Tweet”…  😉

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