It can be really difficult to show grace towards people when their actions continually hurt you, especially when it is someone you genuinely love. If permitted to sneak in, that hurt can drain your spirit and wear on your heart (and mind!)

Recently, I’ve been reminded I must find my value in who God says I am, not people. He sees all of me – all I’ve done, all I need forgiveness from, all I’ll do (and assuredly mess up) in the days ahead – and yet, He still loves me?

He lifts me up. He gives me new life. He sustains my weary heart. Friends, I have learned Jesus does not sit back, judging our actions without offering compassionate understanding and loving redirection. He doesn’t idly criticize or gossip about you. He is definitely NOT One to be indirect, rather He is always actively pursuing each one of us. He goes directly to our hearts, speaking truth to us with love we cannot comprehend. He does not need us to explain anything for He knows our hearts. He doesn’t need us to smile if that’s the last thing we feel like doing. He takes us, He LOVES us, as we are – broken, moody, tired and all. And even better, He never takes you for granted, ever. He knows how precious life is. Jesus asks us to live like no one else of this world – to forgive when it doesn’t feel right, to love when we are hurt, to extend grace when we don’t understand. That can be a mighty tough request at times!

I am His continual work-in-progress, deeply faulted, yet striving to be more like Christ every, single day. I have a stronger faith than I had ever known, more than I knew possible, in fact. I just need to remember Who HE says I am, and regularly go to Him for my identity and worth. For it is by His Strength that I can do anything. (Phil 4:13)

Believe this today, friends. If the Almighty God, the One who created you and therefore, should arguably have the highest expectations of you, loves you “as is”…YOU ARE MORE THAN COVERED. 

you are loved.

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