Here’s that darn “s-word” again…

Considering the human tendency to “need to know”, and living by the clock, or calendar (guilty as charged), I’m willing to bet more than just Laura could benefit from these words today…

“You will not find My Peace by engaging in excessive planning: attempting to control what will happen to you in the future.  Just when you think you have prepared for all the possibilities, something unexpected pops up and throws things into confusion.  I did not design the human mind to figure out the future.  That is beyond your capability.  I crafted your mind for continual communication with Me.  Bring me all your needs, your hopes and fears.  Commit everything into My Care…”

(Jesus Calling devotional, Sarah Young, September 17th).

Let me guess…I’m right, aren’t I?  You needed that too?  Or, if not right this moment, rest assured…you will.

Surrender is, and always has been, the most difficult thing I’ve regularly had to do in my life.  (Apparently the “responsibility gene” comes as a free bonus, especially being the oldest of five children, even when you don’t “rush to call now” for the deal!)  🙂

As just little people in the vast family-of-Christ, we should continually remind each other of God’s Faithfulness.  It’s so vital, particularly as we begin to peek ahead beyond the pages actually being turned by Him…because Heaven knows, we WILL attempt to skip chapters in an effort to catch a glimpse of how the story ends.  (Incredibly ironic considering the pages between are where some of our greatest treasure lies, isn’t it, friend?)

It seems one of the most helpful tips for me to live by is this…while there are moments it appears we’ve got things somewhat “figured out”, if not constantly changing (and at times, a little shaken & unnerved), we’ll remain stuck, and no different than the person we were a day, week, month or decade ago. And let’s be honest, people, other than perhaps a few wrinkles, some weight gain, thinning hairs and a couple less heartbreaks, who really wants to stay the same over this life?  What a waste of time, space and energy we would be!

While earthly unknowns drive my innate thread to organize, control and plan what’s happening, or what lies ahead, up a mountain, off a cliff and then, plummeting into a canyon at times, I’ve undoubtedly learned in my 41 years…no matter what, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  And the reality is, it will pass whether I choose to plan out or surrender regardless!  Honestly, though not completely sure how other than just because I “had to”, I’ve come to believe, even as I truly don’t know what “it looks like on the other side”, clinging to Him, everything will somehow be ok in the end.

Yes, it will probably get a little messy, and at certain times, lie in a heartbreak amass with profound pain, loss and ache seeming inconsolable.  And if we don’t grasp onto God to guide us through the more-challenging, stretched-way-beyond-our-comfort moments, our path will most assuredly be harder than He ever intended for us.  Yet I have to believe, after surveying the wonder of His Love for this broken girl throughout these past few years, it is in the surrender of my expectations, the search for His Will, and the commitment to do as I’m asked in the waiting, where I will find the greatest peace in who He intended Laura to be from Day One.  Still better yet, reviewing all the unexpected, unplanned and unfathomable joy He’s shown me throughout such seasons of chosen, deliberate obedience…I can put down the planner (on occasion), breathe in His Stillness, release and confidently look forward to new, unforeseen moments of beauty, awe and way-beyond-me wonder He has lying just ahead.

But if you will, should you think about it, remind me…please remind me to stay on The Path, friend.  In return, because I believe I’m asked to do so during this season of my life, I’ll encourage you to stay on the path as well.  It is not by coincidence that we have found a kinship at this point along the way.  Plus, who knows?  Perhaps we’ll occasionally find ourselves laughing out loud, holding hands in the quiet, or belting out songs of worship with each other…those are the moments that make the previous struggle of surrender disappear, and you can see His Light shine brightest.

Looking forward to His future with you, laura

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