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Still God

There are things about Sept 11th that redirect us to value the best in people – selfless sacrifice, compassion and unity originating from love.

Look to:
– those immediately helping their neighbors in Texas;

– our Coast Guard performing over 10,000 rescues in a few days’ time;

– firefighters battling to save lives and homes in the Northwest;

– strangers reaching out to one another preparing for, and cleaning up from, hurricanes;

– law enforcement protecting people protesting;

– pastors going to serve whom they feel called to;

– journalists putting down their cameras and microphones to help someone they find trapped in their home;

– counselors willing to listen to people’s heartache, encouraging hope;

– nurses driving to Florida now, ready to treat others they’ve never met;

– and yes, those rescuing helpless animals from peril as well.

Father God, please help us to look around, to see Your Love at work. Guide our eyes to see beyond the destruction, through the rubble, waters and loss. Lord, show us Your Light in the shadows and reflect it in ourselves. Show us where we can help others, whom we can love along the way. Jesus, don’t let us miss a single broken heart to minister to throughout our day. I thank You for Your Protection of lives through these disasters, Father. Though this world remains challenged by sadness, grief and loss, I know You are here beside us, and will never abandon. We thank You for Your Presence, God. And we remember You are STILL GOD. amen.

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