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Sept 11th

On this day, anyone facing the tragedies of September 11, 2001, feels both sadness for those whom have lost and gratitude for those who united.
At young ages, amidst terror, our children witnessed men and women selflessly give the ultimate sacrifice, to lay down one’s life for another. They saw heroes bravely place themselves in harm’s way to assist strangers unknown, most never to be seen again. Our kids watched, and prayed for, those who came out of the rubble, and those who did not. They leaned into the tragedy 16 years ago, drawn to the compelling light of love, goodness and mercy seen despite grave pain, destruction and evil.  

I remember watching television at work when the second plane hit the Twin Towers in New York, not long after rushing to pickup our sons to be home with our family. I remember their Dad and I attempting to contact friends working in D.C. and New Jersey, hoping they were safe. More than anything, I remember the overwhelming fear and sorrow I felt, desperately worried for our children’s future. Our family was indeed deeply influenced by September 11, 2001. 

Flash forward sixteen years later…both our sons are first responders, our daughter & daughter-in-law serving patients through medical care, and our son-in-law a pastor.  

And here I was worried.  

Our kids are continual reminders to me – God can bring beauty from the ashes, order to the chaos, and meaning to the despair.

I’m thankful for our children’s passion in protecting and serving others, each in their own ways. I’m grateful for those modeling compassion, duty and honor in the days of, and since, 9/11. I’m thankful our kids didn’t allow fear and tragedy to immobilize them, but instead as fuel to community-oriented action.  

Just look at the GOODNESS of our young people. See who they are, and whom they are becoming, in spite of this world’s turmoil. (We should be all-out encouraging them.)

May we never forget those impacted on that day. May we continue on in faith, respect and gratitude for the courage bravely displayed.  

Please join our family in lifting their loved ones in prayer. It is an honor to remember the devotion and legacies of those grieved.


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