Voices in Your Head

You are breathtaking.

You look better with make-up.

You are Hercules.

You are broken.

You are wanted.

You are damaged.

You are intelligent.

You’re a failure.

You’re here for a purpose.

You are lost.

You’re totally perfect.

You’re too old, heavy, short…

You are capable.

You are deficient.

You are rich.

You are bankrupt.

You are MINE.

You are invisible.

We have to allow God’s Voice to speak louder than anyone else’s.  Yes, anyone.  Our parent, our spouse, our child, our peers, our audience, our publisher, our boss, our sibling, our boyfriend/girlfriend, our “person”, even our completely-sold-out-for-us pet!  

NO ONE loves you like God does. 

He knew you would screw up.  He knew you were a hot mess.  He knew you would think, say or do that foolish, hurtful thing.    He knew you’d choose that spouse.  He knew you’d waste your gift.  He knew you’d be angry.  He knew you’d judge, gossip and hate.  He knew you would choose unwisely.  He knew you would be incredibly needy.

And yet…He created you.

Read that again, friend. 

He created you.

So, for today, maybe just for an hour, listen to whom God says you are.  Even if You don’t believe it, hear what He thinks of you.  Lean into His Story for your life.  Forgive yourself enough to allow His redemption.  See your capability through His ability.  And allow God’s Voice to speak louder than your own.

You are His and nothing can stand against.

Blessings and Love.

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