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His Will

This month, our pastor has been sharing what prayer life can look like, how it changes our perspective towards circumstances, connecting us to God in deeper ways. We discussed the need for our prayers to approach God with a true heart seeking His Will above our own.

As some of you know, I am a remarried widow. My late husband, Richard, passed away early June of 2013 following three months of fighting very aggressive, pancreatic cancer. It was a season passing with no regard for cherished time, filled with every attempt to keep Richard “well” for as long as possible. Within that short three and a half months, my prayers changed from “make Richard well” (physically) to “make him WELL” (spiritually and according to God’s WILL for him.

Sometimes, you have to let go, loving someone enough to release them into God’s Will, even when it counters every desire you have for them. Our selfishness, fears and limited knowledge of what the future path holds can keep us from praying those words, and trusting our God to work all things for good. Praying for His Good changes everything, and gives us hope in knowing He will not forsake us. Thank you, Pastor Rob, for asking me to share about this time in my life.

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