Have you been on a mountaintop with God before, Friend? No, no, I don’t mean an actual physical elevation, high above rocks and valleys lying below. It’s a metaphor. Rather, a “mountaintop” in your life in which you not only saw God moving around you, but felt Him moving through you. A season in which God’s presence was so evident, so clear, so strong you couldn’t possibly lose sight of Him. Have you been there? Wasn’t it beyond all wonder?

How about a valley filled with low-lying fog, in which the mountaintop wasn’t even in your line of sight? No matter how you strained to find higher ground, your eyes couldn’t see the path out of darkness. When you had hit “rock bottom”, your lowest point. A time when you were doing nothing more than (somehow) physically surviving. Have you been there? Wasn’t it, horrible, at best?

And then, there’s the wilderness. Man, I am so not fond of the wilderness. I mean, I love the outdoors, the stillness at times is refreshing. Who doesn’t love a week away in the woods, snuggled into a cabin with all the books they could carry? But spiritual wilderness is insatiably tough. Here’s the thing…

Once you have stood on glorious mountaintops and dredged through terrifying valleys, the trek through monotonous wilderness seems so…flat.

But good news, Friend! It does not mean we are stuck! We will move. And if we are obedient, God is faithful.

I know how difficult it is, to have ideas and hopes brewing with no outlet to make them tangible.

When the soil you’ve toiled seems to bear no fruit, trust God is producing the growth most crucial for the harvest to sustain you.

I know the waiting feels unbearable, thirst unquenchable and terrain impassable. But God is there. He’s the same God standing alongside us on the mountain, making sure our feet don’t slip. He’s the same God carrying us through the valley, standing between us and the shadows of death. He’s the same One asking us to trust Him in the barren wilderness, providing for us throughout the drought.

Find hope in the unending, unconditional love He has for us, Friend.

He is revealing His restoration, power and promise in the light of a new day. His light is the only true way out of the wilderness. It will supply your every need, help you to endure, no matter the terrain. Look to the light, My Friend. He is in it.

photo credit: Angela Osmon


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