God’s Goodness

I can’t imagine the state of my life, the condition of my heart, if God had not called me into His Light.

Prior to fully accepting Jesus as my Savior, days I considered to be “great” were empty compared to the amazing splendor experienced now. Though life presents a multitude of challenges, I not only endure them by His strength, but have witnessed God’s incredible love throughout seasons of both feast and famine.

Honestly, I had stumbled through my days before Christ, focusing on whatever lie before me – the shiny object, people I was surrounded by, how I felt in the moment.

All the temporary, fleeting distractions I sought out, and acted on, had nothing on the joy I’ve found in Jesus Christ.

Photo credit: YouVersion Bible app


One thought on “God’s Goodness

  1. So true. Life before a real relationship with Jesus cannot begin to compare with life after knowing Him.

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