Rainy Days

Some people have a tendency to complain about rainy weather. I can honestly say the only time I don’t enjoy rainy days are when they cause someone actual harm. I trust God to know what’s best and have experienced the blessing found in raindrops.

Today, I unexpectedly find myself working from home due to local roads flooding. Thankfully, our leadership values our staff’s safety, God’s providence and His wisdom above working in a specific building. I haven’t always had this opportunity, so I fully treasure such a gift.

What about you? What do you do on rainy days?

Does the rain help you to slow down, be still, perhaps enjoy your surroundings differently?

I truly hope you can, Friend.

Things I treasure on rainy days, even when they seemingly “mess up plans”:

  • “Introvert Time” restoration, many wouldn’t believe I crave and require.
  • Trading overhead fluorescents for soft candlelight.
  • Taking healthy breaks from thinking, doing and responding for dreaming, being and receiving.
  • Instrumental music in the background.
  • Baking something yummy for others.
  • Listening to valuable podcasts.
  • My comfy chair to work from.
  • A few minutes to browse a favorite magazine.
  • Being surrounded by photographs and memories of family, friends and beautiful moments throughout my life.
  • The close presence of our pets, seemingly just as thankful for these unexpected days as we are.
  • Being more wholly “productive” in my work, home and spirit.

How about you?


I recognize some of you, by nature and/or profession, respond to others’ emergencies in difficult weather conditions, i.e utility, medical, law enforcement, etc.

Thank you for your continued, faithful service.


22 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. All Summer, our days have been a whirlwind of “going and doing” because I’ve wanted to pack and much fun as I can into my time with my girl. But the rain this week has kept us inside, and it’s been a blessing. We’ve snuggled, watched movies, played games, and made it through 2 days without any pottt accidents 🙌🏻. I truly think sometimes God just wants to slow us down ❤️

  2. Rainy days are perfect for playing rummy with my boys, cuddling up with my hubby and enjoying quiet time with my Maltipoo – who loves to snuggle all the time! It also reminds me that God wants us to take time to rest. God gives you what you need when you need it. And I love God for his gifts.

  3. Rainy days put me in the mood to deep clean and organize. I also enjoy cancelled plans at times. Cant be too upset about being made to stay in and slow down. :0)

    1. Amen, Jennifer! Our calendars and schedules are often packed so tightly one raindrop can’t squeak in. Sometimes I truly believe God must be thinking, “I know how to get them to stop.” 😉

  4. I love rainy summer days. I feel like it is “permission” to just chill and not feel guilty about binge watching The Crown. I grew up in Va Beach and loved approaching storms, especially when I was at the beach or near the Bay. Rainy days make me want to grab coffee, a book, my dogs and go sit on the porch. One of my favorite memories of my children is them splashing in their bathing suits and boots in the puddles and water in the ditched in front of our house. They would ride their bikes through the water. It was pure joy. Some moms run from that muddy mess…I embraced it.

    1. I love you, Jeanne! Yes, embracing all the raindrops, mud and little boy moments…they flew by too quickly, Friend. We don’t have a porch in our new home (yet!), but I so enjoy the rain as well. ❤️

  5. Rainy days remind me my dad. It was a time that my dad and I would sit in the garage (Brooklyn life), watch the rain, and just spend time together away from the rest of the family.

    1. Oh Lorraine, what sweet memories of time with your father. ❤️
      I think of my Dad as well, sitting in our living room, quietly looking at the newspaper, while us kids played on the floor. Wish I had more photographs of those precious moments, but so thankful they’re tucked safely in my heart.

  6. It’s raining “cats and dogs” here. There couldn’t be a more perfect day to reflect on the blessings rain brings.

  7. Oooh, I LOVE rainy days! Flooding is never good, however, so please stay safe!!

    I grew up on an island where the rain is more common than the sun. I learned very early to appreciate the smell and sounds of falling rain. For me, it’s rejeuvenating.

    On rainy days I love to curl up with a good book or craft project. Occasionally you might even find me journaling. My absolute favorite thing to do in the rain: open a window and take a nap! Enjoy your day, Laura!

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