Now I See

Oh, to have faith like Bartimaeus. To be unafraid, unhindered and unashamed to call out to Jesus, even when we cannot see Him.

I want to see You, Lord.

In Luke 18, there’s a snapshot of scripture I’ve always adored, much like the lyrics of John Newton’s hymn, “Amazing Grace”. Even before I fully accepted Jesus into my heart, home and life, the words “I was blind, but now I see” would draw the deepest tears from my eyes and groans from my soul. Every time I stepped into a church (which wasn’t often enough), it “just so happened” worship included singing Amazing Grace.

Again, God is so “in the details”.

When my late husband was still alive and well, before we surrendered our lives to Christ, I wrote a mini-blog with “now I see” as my motivation for sharing.

And now, here I am, forty-something, reading my Bible in the rush of a busy, “lots to get done” morning…and His Word draws me back again.

Above all else, before the tasks to be completed, may I keep You in sight, Lord. I want to see you, Jesus. I know You are God, and You are in control today, even if I cannot “see” You. Draw me into Your Presence, Your Promise and You’re r Will for the day ahead, Father. And let Your Glory reflect off my life. I want people to see You in me. amen.


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