The more mature I become in my faith, the more I crave His Word. It is difficult to convey the power of Scripture to someone who doesn’t know Jesus yet. Likewise, it’s difficult to understand the life-sustaining words of God as someone who doesn’t know Jesus…yet. (Hope is good!)

I have been in both of those positions throughout my life, a time I didn’t connect with His Word and a time I can’t imagine my days and nights without the Bible.

I know Scripture isn’t always easy to comprehend (the lineage alone can make your eyes cross!), however, once you really get to know God’s character, those He used to speak through, and the timeless truth in it, the Bible truly does come alive.

Is there something you’re struggling with, or curious about, in Scripture now?

If you’d like a little help cracking open His Word, studying a bit each day, finding food for your soul and sustained faith, please don’t hesitate to message me, or comment below. I’m more than delighted to share things that help draw me closer to Christ. (P.S. I’m plenty of mess, all challenges count. There are no “stupid questions” here! Ask away, Friend.)


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