You Say

Every morning, I listen to worship music as I shower, filling my mind with words of grace, forgiveness and love. Since it was released, Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” has been speaking His eternal life and heavenly worth into my mornings.

Some days, all I can manage is whispering the words. And that’s ok, because He knows the struggle I’m facing and loves my desire to glorify Him.

But not this morning.

After being awoken by a nightmare and praying myself back to sleep for a couple more hours, I was belting out the chorus. (I may have given another unsolicited concert to our neighbors around 7am – sorry!) I couldn’t claim those words with any more confidence than I did today.

Point being…

Begin your day in worship, however that looks to you, however you feel closest to God. Whether through song, being outdoors, writing, being still…do it, feed your soul before the world’s needs fight to consume it. Keep Jesus front and center.

And if I may make a suggestion, try going with what God says about you…

Lauren Daigle’s newest song is an awesome place to start.



4 thoughts on “You Say

  1. Laura,
    You and I are so similar. Worship music feeds my soul too. “ You Say” is currently one of my new favorites.
    I was on the road to work at 5:30 this morning and when that song came up, I cranked her up and belted it out as well. I’ll bet there was a mighty chorus floating to heaven this am.
    🤗 hugs to you.

  2. “You have every failure, you have every victory.” That line says it all to me. As I’m writing this, the tears are falling down my face. God is with us every second of every day. Sometimes I just go about my business as usual just knowing He is there. Other times He makes sure I know, without a doubt, that He is with me. Patience is not my virtue – but He knows that – He is my Father. I know He will guide me down the right path each and every time. God is amazing!

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