An incredibly, always-kind friend of mine shared this article with me, the “spoon theory”. I’d encourage everyone to take a few minutes, reading it with a desire to understand others.

I’m not a big article-sharer; however, this is an excellent illustration and 100% on the mark for how I’ve felt the past two and a half years. I, myself, am learning to have a “spoon” on reserve.

Friends, I’m so sorry for years of not being more aware of hidden struggles such as these. I’ve long-believed, “Everyone has something they’re dealing with”, particularly after my late husband had been diagnosed with cancer. And yet, I didn’t have a true, personal understanding until now.

If you’re someone who rations your “spoons” each day, I’m so very sorry for your struggle. I’m with you and I’m praying for God’s strength, comfort and healing.

I know He won’t forsake you. ❤️



3 thoughts on “Spoons

    1. Absolutely, Louise. I’m so grateful Milissa shared it with me in this season of my life. Last night, my husband said it helps him to understand how I feel everyday. Just his experience was worth sharing! I’m so glad it helped you as well. Praying for you and B, Lady. ❤️

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