If you think “church” is a place you go to on Sunday, you are missing out on so many of life’s gifts.

Church is not a place.

Church is friendship.

Church is serving others.

Church is laughing out loud.

Church is delivering a meal to someone.

Church is loving your neighbor.

Church is grieving together.

Church is worshipping alongside one another.

Church is your trusted group, discussing hard stuff.

Church is helping someone repair their toilet.

Church is praying for each other.

Church is sending a message to lift someone up.

Church is full of flawed people, striving to be more like Jesus through our imperfection.

If you don’t have a local body of believers you call your “church”, I pray you find one. The church is a messy hodgepodge of people ready to love. Give it a chance. ❤️

(Thanks for fixing our toilet, Andy & Ricky)


2 thoughts on “Church

  1. We miss our New Community Church family, but we have connected with a new church family at Crosspoint Church here in Pearland, TX. Our church family is a great source of many amazing things and I couldn’t imagine not being a member of that family.

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