Back to School

Prayer for all the students, teachers and staff beginning a new school year. May your first day be full of hopeful anticipation and your last full of great accomplishment.

Lord, please fill our schools with Your Love. Help those who come through the doors feel welcomed, encouraged and excited for what lies ahead. Give teachers, administrators and school staff strength in their immensely important roles of teaching, guiding and protecting the students You’ve entrusted them with this year. Father, please give parents Your peace and joy, experiencing this new step in their child’s life, whether first day of preschool or senior year – even in the stress of morning routines, IEP meetings and late night homework frustration. And Jesus, I ask You give Your comfort beyond understanding to those families whom have lost a child, parents avoiding the deepest pain found in back-to-school aisles, new clothes shopping and first day photos. You are not just welcome in our schools, but NEEDED, Lord. Thank You for being there. In Christ’s Name. Amen


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