Good Day, Friends!

Something new…watch out!

I’d like to begin regularly and intentionally acknowledging people I respect as brave and courageous. These amazing people should know they’re SEEN, APPRECIATED and PRAYED FOR throughout their journeys. Not that anyone is perfect, without flaw or sin (the Only One died on a cross), but so they know they’re doing alright, supported and inspire us.

It’s my sincere hope you will connect with these individuals’ stories, perhaps due to familiar experiences you may find solace, comfort and hope within.

God calls us to claim our strength in Him and share it with others, realizing there is power, healing and hope in our stories.

Note: It is not inappropriately boasting when we acknowledge and celebrate the Holy Spirit empowering, sustaining and blessing someone! (If you’re already prepared to judge, roll your eyes or allow the devil to use your insecurity for the comparison trap, stop.stop.stop. and tell him to stuff it. We should be in each other’s courts, Friend.)

I’m actively praying on whom God calls me to SEE THE BRAVE IN amongst the regular, everyday people around us. I pray this inspires you to seek out “the brave” in people you know, speaking life into their faith despite the challenges they’ve faced.

We can do this. We’re here to do His Work.

The genuine, kind words of a brother- or sister-in-Christ go a long way in shutting down the devil’s pursuit to steal, kill and destroy those striving to remain positive.

So, in an effort to shine some of Christ’s light to a world desperately in need, let’s SEE THE BRAVE. ❤️

photo credit: Roger Coles, YouVersion

4 thoughts on “SEE THE BRAVE

  1. This is so powerful, my daughter Brie is one of the strongest and bravest person I know. She struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, although it breaks my heart to see her go through this, I give her to God, because I know He’s always merciful and and will help her more than I can. I put all my trust in Him.

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