This is my incredible friend and sister-in-Christ, Melissa Copeland.

Melissa has no clue how others see her as a strong woman, giving her all to walking in God’s Sovereignty alongside her family throughout an incredibly difficult year. She is constantly striving to be a light amidst the darkness scrambling to overtake her, her husband, their children and loved ones.

She stumbles, she gets back up. She hurts, she mourns. She feels weak, she leans on His Strength. She LOVES FIERCELY.

I am thankful God led her into my life when He did. He truly does have perfect timing. I am honored she calls me “Sis”. I am indescribably proud of her.


You keep reflecting Him, Sis. People SEE God in who you are and what you do out of love for others. You are more courageous than you know, yet wise in knowing Who supplies the courage needed. Keep on, Lady. We are cheering and praying for you always.

#SEETHEBRAVE #aberryrichlife

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