SEE THE BRAVE – Patricia

Today, I wanted to recognize a friend whom I’ve never had the privilege of meeting face-to-face as of yet. We became quick friends via Facebook, but that is as close we’ve been in person. And yet, I feel as if I know her at a level deeper than miles between us.

Patricia Thirey is a beautiful, young mother to three small children. Just a year ago this month, Patricia released her husband, Ben, into the arms of Jesus after a valiant four and a half year battle with brain cancer.

While we fully believe Ben is made whole, in perfect peace, I know the stunning hurt in the loss of a spouse and father to your children, Patricia.

I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you are to so many, how thankful we are for your faith. I appreciate your ups, and yes your downs as well. I value your desire to choose joy in every moment.

I know how draining life can be during a battle with a terminal illness. I know how we are always just on the other side of heartbreak, fighting not to lose our footing when standing alone. I know our hearts hurt most for our children who have lost a parent, and our spouse’s parents who’ve suffered the loss of a child. And I know how life has been forever changed, having seen Heaven’s Glory waiting for us.

I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my friend. Through prayers, God laid her on my heart to recognize yesterday afternoon. And just this morning, I opened my Facebook to see Patricia had just returned from a wonderful, successful trip on her own with three children! She rocks, period. I pray for her regularly and hope, when you have a spare, you’ll offer one up for Patricia and their children as well.

And maybe even check out her Facebook page: Tricia Thirey, Choosing Joy in Every Moment.

Thank you for being my friend, Tricia. ❤️

#aberryrichlife #SEETHEBRAVE

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