Sinks, Seatbelts & Socks

Things previously taken for granted:

1. Pulling my hair into a tight ponytail.

2. An empty kitchen sink after washing dishes in warm, soapy water.

3. Washing my hair in less than 5 mins.

4. Hanging a fallen Command strip. (Thought they never fall…hmm??)

5. Turning 1 page in a book vs 3 flying by!

6. Making the bed look soothing.

7. Opening Amazon deliveries – even when simple household goods are in the boxes, it’s a bit like being a kid stuck looking at Christmas gifts on Dec 23rd.

8. Putting toothpaste on the brush, and not the countertop.

9. Folding laundry so it actually looks as if it wasn’t pulled from a basket!

10. Wearing jeans (buttons are apparently from Satan).

11. Opening a bottle, doesn’t matter if Rx or drink, none are easy.

12. Buckling a seatbelt in under a minute.

Funny how each injury or illness teaches us to be empathetic towards others’ challenges. Perhaps that’s why we face some of these things, to better understand and help support people around us…

Now, can someone please put my socks on for me? I have to wear this splint for another week and my toes are cold.


3 thoughts on “Sinks, Seatbelts & Socks

  1. So true, hope you find someone to help with the socks. I had to give up wearing them for a long while but I can manage them again now. It does change the perspectives up. 🙂

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