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Seeking Peace

I awoke this morning with so many names heavy on my heart. I talked with God for what seemed like hours.

I went through my routine of showering, dressing and making the bed with the list of all the worldly expectations I am to complete racing through my mind.

I sat down with my devotional and opened up my Bible and found quiet. I felt the tug of my Father pulling my focus towards Him against the backdrop of another busy week lying ahead. I heard the whisper of “you are enough” in the face of my failures.

It’s all right there, Friends. He placed it within His Word for us to soak in. The peace we desperately need is waiting for us.

Heavenly Father, please settle my mind. Provide comfort to me, knowing You are already aware of everything causing anxiety within me. Carry me, Jesus, as my spirit is worn from the demands of this world. Thank You for never forsaking me, walking alongside me each day. May I never forget that You are where I find peace. Amen


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