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Yes, No or Not Now

People are going to want something from you today. Your boss, your spouse, your coworkers, your children, your friend, your parent, your…

Our energy is in high demand and short supply most days. Our capacity to love is great, yet emotions can be tiresome.

As you are presented with opportunities today, decide if they are the best recipients of your resources. Do you have enough margin, white space, time and energy to address the need without it becoming a burden?

If it will drain you, depleting what you’re able to give all the other needs you face, be sure the effort is worth the cost.

If you are personally unable to answer the person’s need, connect them with someone who could. Do not allow Satan to whisper (much less convince you), “you’ve failed.” You can still be an important part of helping others without being on the frontline.

It is in making slow, wise decisions that we are able to serve others with a spirit of joy. Let’s give ourselves a little time to figure out what God has chosen for us to say “yes” to, and what’s better left to a “no” or “not now”.


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