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Like a Child

As my husband and I are studying Pastor Craig Groeschel’s “Hope in the Dark” Bible plan on YouVersion, I’m reminded that nothing I ask God – nothing – is too difficult for Him to hear. Our Heavenly Father wants us to come to Him in full disclosure.

I waffle in my conversations with God at times. In those moments, it’s because I fear being disrespectful of Him, uneasy with challenging His authority. But I’m learning that in wrestling with God, in putting my hard questions into words, I am respecting my Creator MORE. I lift the burdens plaguing my spirit to the One Who can provide peace.

I’ve long felt like a young child in some prayers, avoiding talking about what frightens me. It’s almost as if I’m afraid that by telling my Father about my nightmare, the monsters will become real. Does anyone else feel like this at times?

I realize it’s immature, yet it IS something I’ve felt and battled throughout my life. And my Heavenly Father is not surprised.

And then, there’s arrogant pride we all carry, believing we can fix things ourselves. We never open our hands up, surrendering control to God because we think it’s our problem to resolve, or dismiss.

Silly, foolish child I am. The whole “I can do it myself” is such a load of (if I may) horse-crap. If you’re a parent, you may recall your thoughts as your child said those words to you, pushing away your help and more steady hand? I remember like it was yesterday.

How ironic that I should think, “Ok, but I’ll be here when you need me” about my children, yet continue pushing aside God’s steady hand away myself! (We really are lifelong children of God, Friends. So much to learn.)

This scripture, amongst many, reminds me God can handle my questions. He won’t turn away from my confusion, nor pain. He will not only listen, but He WILL answer.

It is on me to bring my thoughts to Him. It is on me to trust His Plan for eternity, not just Laura, her family and friends. And finally, it is on me to welcome God’s steady, unwavering hand to guide me in His Response. It will surely come. I should prepare my heart for what lies ahead.


photo credit: YouVersion Bible app

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