Jan 26th Memories

Apparently January 26th holds quite a few “big memories” in my life.

Six years ago today.

This photograph, our last “happy picture” together quickly taken by our son (literally on our way out the door), is etched in my mind.

Other than God, who could’ve known that none of our lives would be the same just 26 days later.

That we would completely surrender our lives, with ZERO holding back, to Jesus Christ. That we would learn to accept kindness, selflessness and support in ways two stubbornly-independent people struggled to initially stomach. That we would SEE, KNOW and FEEL the love of God Himself like we never had before.

Thank you, Dear Friend, for walking through those days (and many since) alongside us all. I can’t imagine how anyone in our family would’ve survived without the love we’ve received through such a devastating loss.

BE PRESENT with your loved ones.

That is one of the greatest gifts learned out of the hardest lesson I’d experienced. Make the memories. Write them down. Take the pictures, and yes, be IN them. Find the greatest joy just being in the moments. They are fleeting, but they all create a life well-lived.

You are never forgotten and always loved, Richard Hassell.

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